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Cruisic is a human-driven electronica band. By fusing the two elements, track maker Yukinari Iwata‘s electronic sound and Ryusuke Kakizawa‘s drum beat, Cruisic pursues the possibilities of dance music, electronica and jazz.

The twoe belonged to the same jazz circle during their school days, and after years of individual activities, they have formed Cruisic in 2013, Winter.

With directly combining and linking Yukinari‘s broad range of electronic music background and Ryusuke‘s experiences in pops and jazz music fields, Cruisic pursues dance music which enhances and transforms its sounds dynamically in real time with pop music elements.



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2003年にFlatThreeとしてSony Webstar Auditionで勝ち上がり、04年Flower Recordsからリミックス作品のリリースを皮切りに、オリジナルアルバムを2枚リリース。1stアルバム「Sky Is The Limit」の収録曲「Sesso Brillante」が ジャイルス・ピーターソンのプレイリストに加わるなど高い評価を受けている。また、DJとしての活動を東京をベースに10年以上続けており、ハウスミュージック・プロダクションチーム「SPECTA」では4つのシングルをリリース。リミックス、プロデュースワーク、映画音楽、CM音楽など制作クオリティーには定評がある。一方でのバークリー音楽院(米国)で、Ableton Live SpecialistとしてCertificateも取得している。

Yukinari Iwata

As a member of a club oriented jazz unit FlatThree formed in 2003, Yukinari Iwata won through the Sony Webstar Audition. Starting with a remix album released from Flower Records in 2004, the group has released 2 original albums. The albums were well received domestically and overseas, Gilles Peterson added “Sesso Brillante” from their 1st album “Sky is the limit” to his playlist. As a DJ, Yukinari Iwata holds parties in Tokyo regularly, and has released 4 singles as a member of a house music production team SPECTA. He has established reputations for his production quality of remix, produce work, movie soundtrack and TV commercial field. In addition, he got and received the certificate from Berklee Music College as an Ableton Live Specialist.




Ryusuke Kakizawa

As a member of the critically acclaimed Japanese band Tornado Tatsumaki debuted in 2001, Ryusuke Kakizawa released four albums and toured nationwide with favorable reputations. After the hiatus of the band, he has been playing as a session drummer in numbers of recordings, live performances and jazz gigs. Besides drums, he controls latin/brazilian/indian percussions with his reliable technique, and pursues new sounds and beats restlessly and indefatigably.